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Management of Private Boats

Do you want to save on the purchase of your dream boat?

Are you thinking of buying a boat but are held back by its management and costs?

Through our charter management programs, you can combine your love for sailing with a safe investment. Through a customized management plan, designed to cover the needs of the boat owner, we will focus on you obtaining the best revenue and help your passion come true. The charter management programs will allow you to bypass a series of costs and issues, enabling you to even make some profit from the charter of your boat.

Buying a Boat

Those wanting to buy a sailboat are offered the opportunity to insert your boat in our fleet and use it personally at certain times of the year, while allowing us to charter it for the remaining time. During the period in which the boat is used for charter, both boat costs and maintenance are on us. Thus, while on the one hand your personal use of your own boat will be limited, on the other you will not need worry about her costs and maintenance. Furthermore, another economic advantage of this solution is that you will pay for you boat much less than her market price or make some profit out of her.

Comparison Between a Boat for Private Use and a Charter Boat

On first impression one may think that the costs of a private boat are lower. This is due to the fact that the boats we offer are fully equipped for every need. In fact, on buying a vessel, a private owner will also have to start paying for her maintenance, while a boat purchased from us will only produce revenue. Management with Breeze Yachting is a smart and financially more convenient choice.

Which Boat

The sailing yachts that we offer are built by the most famous shipyards and are fully equipped with all the accessories needed while sailing and on holiday. For this reason the initial price will seem high, but this is simply because all the necessary equipment is included, nothing else is needed. Having to conform to the standards of the Breeze Yachting fleet, onboard equipment is non-negotiable. And while private boats require maintenance costs, the boat that you entrust to us to manage will not only cost you, but will also produce some revenue. You will thus be able to sail with no worries, while we will take care of all that is necessary to keep your boat efficient. Your decision to take care of your own boat during the contract period is always possible, although cost adjustments will have to be made taking into account the time the boat has spent in the fleet.

Purchase Options

We offer you two possible options for the purchase of a

  1. you buy your boat in full and then receive an annual revenue for the charter of the boat;
  2. ou buy your boat at a considerably lower price but you will not receive an annual revenue from the charter.

In both cases, maintenance costs are on us.

Choosing a Boat

Every year we make a selection of the most attractive products from top shipyards such as Dufour, Bavaria, Catana, Jeanneau, Lagoon. The main points on which we base our choice are: a layout suitable for charter and the resale value of the vessel, so that if at the end of the management program you should want to sell your boat and maybe continue with another program, you will have a better chance of selling quickly.

Standard Equipment

Our charter vessels carry a basic standard equipment in compliance with the rules and regulations in force. Therefore, we offer no options on vessel equipment. Our boats are equipped with:

  • electric winch,
  • bimini top,
  • spray hood,
  • GPS plotter,
  • autopilot,
  • tridata,
  • anemometer,
  • hot water.

It is obviously possible to add accessories to the customer’s liking, the extra cost of these being fully on the customer himself. 

How and when to enter a management program

We will be happy to discuss the various aspects that can determine the choice of a boat. Together with you we will establish the management contract and eventual personalized options, supplying you with all the information you need. We recommend that you plan to make your purchase during the summer, both for shipyard production planning, and for our own fleet scheduling.